At my highest weight ever, I was hospitalized with a serious infection.  Every morning, around 5am, a lab tech would draw blood, and when the results came in, a nurse would ask, “are you diabetic”?  I had never been diagnosed with diabetes so I didn’t know.  “Well, you should see a doctor” s/he would say.  I remember this well because I was asked this question 6 days in a row.

I saw a doctor after being released from the hospital.  My A1c was 7.8, and she confirmed that I had Type 2 Diabetes.

Fast forward 7 years.  I am again in the hospital, but this time for back surgery.  And since I am classified as a diabetic, the nurses check my blood sugar several times a day.  And each time they do it, they ask, “are you sure you are diabetic?”  I smile as I look at the glucometer.  My blood sugar readings are in the 80’s, which are normal, non-diabetic values.

So what happened?  I am now 110 pounds lighter, 80 pounds of that weight loss due to the program I followed from Enara Health.  My A1c is 5.6, which is considered normal.  Thanks to Enara’s healthy eating plan, I reversed my diabetes!

The Enara Health Application Helped Me Reverse My Diabetes

And on day 4 of my hospital stay, a nurse brought some exciting news.  She received permission to stop testing my blood sugar!  No more finger sticks for me.  This was an unexpected but much appreciated reward – I hate needles!

Posted by:Sheryl H.

Sheryl is a retired software product manager, wife, mom to 2 teenaged daughters, and an active volunteer in Girl Scouts and school activities. Her interest in improving her health led her to Enara, where she successfully lost 80 pounds! She is happy to share her insights and discoveries as she continues with Enara's program.

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