Author: stuwaki

Susan Kirkpatrick, RD, CDE has over 20 years’ experience in nutrition counseling and over 10 years in diabetes counseling and education. Susan joined the team at Enara Health early in 2016. She is passionate about teaching and working with clients as they journey to better health and wellness. She also enjoys spending time with her spouse, friends, family and cats. Reading, hiking, traveling and spending time in nature are her main personal interests.

Added Sugars-The Low(Crack) Down

Jeanne cut back on sugar and guess what? Her bad cholesterol, without doing other dietary changes, came down! And it came down enough to convince her doctor that no statin drug was called for at this time. And now she has a clearer understanding of her body’s response to certain types of foods, what her “tolerance” levels are and a deeper insight into label reading.

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